Patio Railing Planters Make a Great Option

Extra Gardening Space at Your Fingertips

If you’re working with a small space but would still like to have either fresh vegetables and herbs or flowers close at hand you might consider opting for over the railing Planters or flower boxes. These were really affordable at an outdoor gardening store and they fit on two different sizes of railings.

railing-planters deck containers

If you don’t want to discolor your patio or take up space on a smaller deck these are an ideal way to add color or fresh veggies and herbs to your deck so that they are within easy reach. We filled a few of these with herbs and let us that they can be easily


transferred out for year-round flowers or foliage. The bottoms have draining holes and due to the design of the box, it lends for easy drainage. Also, due to the shape of the box, these are not that heavy to tote around so if you want to slide them up and down your railings or remove them and repot them, it’s fairly easy.


Something to keep in mind with planters that either fit on your railing or just sit on your deck, which these could do both, is to move them around if you don’t want the sunshine to discolor part of the deck and not the rest. Any type of shade on a deck can alter the color of the wood over time.

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Whether you’re just trying to save space or add to your gardening with additional patio containers, these railing boxes make an ideal an attractive addition to your front war back deck.



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