Budget Friendly Landscaping to Increase Your Property’s Value

Budget Friendly Landscaping to Increase Your Property’s Value

Adding flare to your landscape adds curb appeal and increases your home’s value. Most things can be done yourself, but when it gets too complicated, hire a pro. It’s no longer budget friendly when it takes too long because you’re tired and stressed about it and because you have to go back and fix things you rushed through due to exhaustion. Sometimes saving money means knowing when to go pro. Here are some basic tips to increase property value through landscaping on a budget.

Budget Friendly Landscaping to Increase Your Property's Value

1) Aim for a multiyear project. If your yard needs a complete over haul, consider doing it in steps and realize it won’t be completed for a few years.

2) Plant to save energy and MONEY! By planting evergreens on the north side of your home and leafy ones on the south, you’ll block Winter winds and Summer sun. You can cut as much as 25% off your heating and cooling bill simply by properly positioning your trees!

3) Buy expensive items in the Fall as prices are always higher in the Spring and Summer.

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4) Learn to love mulch as it holds moisture and keeps weeds at bay. It also adds detail to your flower beds and gives your landscaping a finished and polished look without a lot of money.

5) Consider a good annual such as begonias. Begonias are “everybody’s plant”. They really perform as the life of the party in any landscape which is why they’re the most often used annual.

6) Consider a good perennial. Perennials are nice and budget friendly as they last more than one year.

The right landscaping really does increase property value by 7%-14%. That’s a considerable increase. You could even take up your landscaping project as a new hobby and obtain green thumbs! What better way to pass your time and gain a new skill than one that also increases your property value!