Winter Landscaping Tips for Delaware County

Winter Landscaping Tips for Drexel Hill, Pa

Just because it’s not Spring and Summer anymore doesn’t mean your landscape doesn’t need any attention. Show your property some love during the winter too with these helpful tips. Your landscape will say thank you by showing it’s truest beauty because you give it it’s best chance for health and survival.

Winter Tips:

1) If you have less hardy plants in exposed areas, put burlap windscreens around them. Also look into having a pro apply anti-desiccants.

2) Use a broom to gently brush snow away from Evergreen trees, IF they’re on the brink of snapping and breaking under the weight.

Winter Landscaping Tips for Delaware County3) If limbs of trees do break due to the weight of snow or ice, have them removed as soon as weather permits. Why? Because broken limbs are prone to disease.

4) To avoid damaging the edge of your lawn when shoveling or plowing snow, place markers at the edge of your lawn and driveway ahead of time.

5) Avoid walking on snow covered or frosted lawns.

6) Remember, salt as a de-icing method could ruin your plants, grass, perennials and shrubs when it runs off of sidewalks and walkways. If you’re sure your landscaped areas are safe from run-off, salt away. Otherwise, use non salt de-ices that wont damage your landscape or prevent them from absorbing much needed water.

7) During periods of thawing check to see if any perennials have heaved up out of the ground. If they have, gently push them back down and add some mulch.

8) During this time of year, trees are dormant making it the ideal time to perform prescriptive structural pruning and remove dead wood.

Should you have any additional questions, special cases or concerns for your winter landscape care in this area, simply contact us  today!