Fall is the Perfect Time to Plant Trees

Fall is the Perfect Time to Plant Trees

Spring is usually the time most people attack major yard and landscaping projects. However, Fall is also the perfect time to work on Fall is the Perfect Time to Plant Treeslandscaping. Fall is a great time for planting because after you get a few frosts, the plants go dormant, but soils can still be warm enough to get some root growth. THEN, when summer comes, your young plants are a little hardier and ready to take on a harsh Summer.

Fall is ideal for planting bare-root plants and some types of roses and perennials. Perennials that you order by mail come without soil. You should soak them in water for 24 hours and then plant them.

There are two ways to plant in the Fall. They’re the traditional ways of the balled-and-burlapped method and planting from containers. The balled-and-burlapped method is where nurseries dig the plant out of the field and transplant it during the dormant season. During this process, 90% of the roots are removed and this causes stress. This method has been used for hundreds of years and it works well, but YOU MUST plant during the dormant season due to the stress placed on the plant or tree.

Good trees to plant in the Fall include: overcup oak, Chinese pistach, Chinese fringe tree and Cherokee brave. When planting trees in the Fall, remember to dig wide and not necessarily deep. Also, it is recommended that you do a soil test before planting to see if you need to add any lime to amend the soil.

For more information on planting trees or doing a soil test, contact CPL Property and Tree.